Welcome to MB&T

We aim to promote and stimulate local business and tourism activities. We initiate and support activities that have an economic, social, and cultural benefit to the community and that showcase and preserve the character of the town. We work closely with businesses, interest groups, local council and other government agencies.

We are an incorporated non-for profit organisation and we have a growing membership base. Anyone living in Macclesfield and the surrounding region within the southern Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker Council, operating or owning a business, or interested in our aims is welcome to join. You don't have to be a business owner or operator to be able to participate in our projects. Feel free to come to our meetings.

Our Vision

Put Macclesfield on the map by making it a desirable tourist destination and a desirable place to set up and operate a business.

Our Goals

  • Preserve and promote Macclesfield's rich heritage, culture, and character.
  • Maintain and develop on the unique country feel of Macclesfield.
  • Support and promote local businesses, interest groups and events.
  • Maintain and build sustainable business activities based on care, respect and on preserving the town's heritage, culture, and character.
  • Make Macclesfield a high quality experience for tourists and make it an event destination.

Take a Look at Macclesfield

Take a look at Macclesfield Town with a 360o image, provided by Georama.

Macclesfield view